Wing Commander-CC: Col William G Ray
Vice Commander-CV: Lt Col Ed Bos
Chief of Staff-CS: Lt Col David J Shoemaker
Wing Command NCO: MSgt Pat Dukes
Oregon Wing Administrator: Tracy Jensen
Inspector General-IG: Lt Col John L Barringer
Government Relations Advisor-GR: Vacant
Senior NCO Advisor to the Wing Commander: MSgt Daniel Ash
Chaplain-HC: LtCol Marvin Owen
Assistant Chaplain: Chaplain Andre A Martin
General Council-JA: Capt Michel A Curtis
Director of Safety-SE: Capt Max McHatton
Assistant Director of Safety: Lt Col Thomas Himstreet
Assistant Director of Safety: Maj Randall Ireson
Director of Financial Management-FM: Capt Adam Abplanalp
Director of Administration-DA: Lt Col David Younce
Assistant Director of Administration-ADA: SM Deborah Maynard
Director of Personnel-DP: Lt Col Jim Howell
Director of Personnel-ADP: Lt Col David Younce
Assistant Director of Personnel-ADP: SM Deborah Maynard
Assistant Director of Personnel-ADP: Maj Carl Knox
Director of Professional Development-PD: Lt Col Christopher Wade
Assistant Director of Professional Development: Maj Carl Knox
Wing Testing Officer: Lt Col Christopher Wade
Wing Assistant Testing Officer: Maj Carl Knox
Director of Aerospace Education-DAE: Capt Brad Naas
External Aerospace Education Officer: Maj Hilda Pereyo
Internal Aerospace Education Officer: Maj Michael Walsh
Director of Cadet Programs-DCP: Lt Col Margaret Martin
Assistant Director of Cadet Programs: Maj Andrew Lucas
CAC Advisor: Lt Col Thomas Himstreet
CAC Chairperson: C/Maj Zachary Proffitt
CAC Vice Chairperson: C/Lt Anna Selchow
CP Encampment Commander: Capt Brian C Monasmith
CP Activities: Lt Col Joseph Boyd
CP Advisor: Col Virginia A Thompson
Director of Drug Demand Reduction-DDR: Capt Teresa Grey
Director of Operations-DO: Maj Randy Ireson
CIS Officer: Lt Col Robert E Grist
Assistant DO: Maj Ricky M Koon
Assistant DO: Capt Donnel Lee Lang
Assistant DO: Lt Col Alan P Sandner
Assistant DO: Lt Col Rogers R Walker
Homeland Security Officer-DOH: Capt John Cage
Standardization/Evaluation Officer: Lt Col Dennis Wyza
Assistant Standardization/Evaluation Officer: Capt Jeffrey D Witters
Advisor Balloon Flight program: Capt Mark Trujillo
Advisor Glider Flight program: Maj Paul Gilman
Alerting Officer: Col John R Longley
Alerting Officer: Lt Col Ira Rosenberg
Alerting Officer: Lt Col Alan P Sandner
Alerting Officer: Lt Col Rogers R Walker
Alerting Officer: Lt Col Ed Bos
Alerting Officer: Maj David A Rudawitz
Alerting Officer: Maj Rich Ouellette
Alerting Officer: Capt Donnel Lee Lang
Director of Emergency Services-DOS: Lt Col Rogers Walker
Emergency Services Training Officer: Capt Donnel Lee Lang
Assistant Emergency Services Officer: Maj Timothy F Paquin
Assistant Emergency Services Officer: Capt David A Daniels
Director of Communications-DC: Maj Dave Rudawitz
Assistant Communications Officer: Capt Nicholas W Culbertson
Assistant Communications Officer: Maj John D Stanley
Assistant Communications Officer: Lt Col Jerry W Thompson
Counterdrug Officer-DOC: Lt Col Rogers Walker
Assistant Counterdrug Officer: 2d Lt Quinn D Stutheit
Director of Logistics-LG: Maj Dave Rudawitz
Assistant Director of Logistics: Maj Paul Gilman
Assistant Director of Logistics: Maj Carl Knox
Aircraft Maintenance Officer-LGM: 2d Lt Quinn D Stutheit
Assistant LGM: Maj Robert R Weyant
Supply Officer-LGS: Lt Col Joseph L Boyd
Transportation Officer-LGT: Maj Paul Gilman
Assistant Transportation Officer-ALGT: Maj Don Cole
Wing Historian-HO: Maj Carol Moseley
Wing Assistant Historian-HO: Chaplain Marvin R Owen
Director of Recruitment and Retention-RR: Maj. Don Cole
Cadet Director of Recruitment and Retention: Vacant
Public Affairs Officer: Lt. Col. Tom Travor
Cadet Assistant Public Affairs Officer: Vacant
Assistant Public Affairs Officer: Lt Col Scott D Maguire
Assistant Public Affairs Officer: 2d Lt Faye Phillips
Assistant Public Affairs Officer: 1Lt Catherine Frederic
Plans and Programs Officer-XP: Lt Col Theresa E Longley
2017 Wing Conference Director: Lt Col Mike Roberson
Cadet Assistant Wing Conference Director: Vacant
Director of Information Technology: Maj Carl Knox
Cadet Assistant Director of Information Technology: Vacant
Web Security Administrator: Lt Col Ira Rosenberg
Assistant Web Security Administrator: Maj Carl Knox